*sips a 64 oz coffee* life is cool and then you die


have you consumed your 8 gallons of coffee today

My left leg is numb, so I’m standing like a fool in front of shake shack waiting for this fucker to aid me in the task of moving about.


June 12,2011 (163/365) (via wataamee)

I think automated thank you for your order/confirmation emails from online apparel shops are doing the devil’s work. I hope to one day live in a world where heavily judgmental human beings monitor every order being placed and critique the shoppers’ style. No more “we like your style” bullshit. Give people the “are you really going to wear that, or are you desperately trying to force a sense of personality into your wardrobe?” they deserve.

raise your hand if you, too, have played Metal Gear Solid games to the point where you constantly find yourself acutely aware of surveillance cameras in public spaces and feel you ought to avoid their direct field of vision