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You say wind is only wind
& carries nothing nervous
in its teeth.
I do not believe it.

I have seen leaves desist
from moving

although the branches
move, & I

believe a cyclone has secrets
the weather is ignorant of.
I believe
in the violence of not knowing.

I’ve seen a river lose its course
& join itself again,
watched it court
a stream & coax the stream
into its current,

& I have seen
rivers, not unlike
you, that failed to find
their way back.

I believe the rapport
between water & sand, the advent
from mirror to face.

I believe in rain
to cover what mourns,
in hail that revives
& sleet that erodes, believe
whatever falls
is a figure of rain

& now I believe in torrents that take
everything down with them.

The sky calls it quits,
or so I believe,
when air, or earth, or air
has had enough.

I believe in disquiet,
the pressure it plies, believe a cloud
to govern the limits of night.

I say I,
but little is left to say it, much less
mean it—
& yet I do.

Let there be
no mistake:
I do not believe
things are reborn in fire.
They’re consumed by fire

& the fire has a life of its own.

saw this lady who looks too much like tomatomama​ like four times today

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me painting: *holding that brush* where the fuck is that brush

Vincent Van Gogh, detail of View of Paris

Willhelm Gallhof - La Cadena de Coral (Die Korallenkette)

Wilhelm Gallhof (1878 at Iserlohn - Died in Action 1918) was a German artist who studied in Munich, Karlsruhe, and with Lovis Corinth in Berlin. He worked in Weimar and Paris and was represented in many national and international exhibitions. As a sculptor and graphic artist, he was equally successful and brilliant as a painter.
The oil painting by the German sculptor, painter and printmaker Wilhelm Gallhof titled Die Korallenkette (The Coral Chain) features a young woman reclining on a sofa, holding her red coral beads necklace on her left hand and admiring her beauty looking at a hand-mirror held on her right hand. Also she wears a string of the same type of red coral beads on her right ankle.
This particular painting appeared as a full page display in the German Magazine: Jugend (Youth), 1917, Volume II, No. 42, page 824/825)

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