It is not so important to always dress in black. Even when donning a lighter palette, one ought to embody darkness and channel ‘black.’ Become the devil.


western devils

oo ur belly looks happy *touches belly*

well yeah i just ate ten pounds of chinese and i feel like dying thanks for noticing


fuck man

i’m all about hitting the creative moves this summer and soon thereafter

but if the good booty come my way, we makin a pit stop

ay ay ay
western devils

Open, closed, previous, open, closed.
You don’t need to repeat this.
There is not any ceremony anymore.
Everyone is gone, and you say this out loud to yourself:
You are alone at the time, and the time now is always.
'Always' was a word you used in promises; it is valueless.


Diego Mendez
pencil on paper22x30”

need. ganja. pronto.


since girls want a croptop movement from guys i want a girls wearing obnoxiously long shirts almost down to their ankles

them crisp 5xl galaxy white tees that ran the hood in 06

(via nosdrinker)

*5 seconds into a smuckers uncrustable* fuck it’s all gone