Machine Drawings by Tristan Perich
The Machine Drawings—pen on paper or wall drawings executed by a custom-built machine—use randomness and order as raw materials within a composition.

"60 percent out of 100"

"Last week was a good day"

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Frank Auerbach
Illegal immigrants are human beings but too bad people seem to only care about them when they are commiting crimes, raping white women and "destroying" white cities. It's beyond pathetic really.

White supremacy is a joke; an old, beaten cadaver of a joke. It’s a shame people insist on perpetuating it. No race is above nor beyond the rest.

p.s. There is no justification for rape, but to rape white women and destroy white cities would be to kick the ball modestly back into the whites’ side of the court. Multitudes of self-important European savages arrived uninvitedly into America and took it upon themselves to transform our beautifully diverse cultures into something much less meaningful.

p.p.s. My sentiments towards the treatment of illegal immigrants in the United Stated are not exclusive to undocumented immigrants from South/Central America, but they also extend to immigrants from all parts of the world.

I don’t eat candy but I truly fuck with berries. They are nature’s candy.



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i miss be-y-o


is everything illegal yet